Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Split Edits

Let's say for example that you want the audio to lead the video. Typically this is done to smooth out edits that might otherwise look and feel abrupt. For instance, we see b-roll in the first shot, which will then be followed by a soundbite. But before you cut to the person on camera, we hear the first couple of seconds of their soundbite. This is known as a Split Edit, when the audio is offset from the video, and one of them leads before the other. 

The Roll tool may be used to offset the video and audio, thereby creating a split edit. This split can be done as either a J-cut or an L-cut:

J-Cut - audio leads video, creating a J cut (typically used because we usually hear the noise first and then turn our heads to see what it is).

L-Cut - video leads audio, called an L cut



 J-Cut (audio leads video)

 L-Cut (video leads audio)