Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Space: 1999

Title & Trailer
due 24 October
Space 1999 premiered in 1975 and featured the adventures of 311 astronauts and scientists stationed on Moonbase Alpha after a catastrophic explosion hurled Earth’s moon into the farthest reaches of space. Each story was richly-visualised and portrayed the Alphan journey as an exploration into the unknown with a sense of awe, wonder and horror. High-quality video of episodes from this ground-breaking sci-fi series can be seen on YouTube. For this double-assignment, students will download an episode from the first season of Space 1999 (you will be assigned an episode so there is no duplication) using the Firefox browser and its plug-in Flashgot. Then you will be instructed how to re-edit the opening title sequence. Finally, you will produce a trailer for the episode that will include a brief line of introductory narration, e.g., “next time on Space 1999 – they say if you travel far enough you will eventually meet yourself…”, a text graphic, key lines of dialogue and scenes, and appropriate music. Work will be graded on originality and whether the promotional trailer was compelling and persuasive, but doesn’t give everything away. Remember, you’re trying to attract the audience to come back next week. The trailer should entice viewers with just enough information to wet their appetites. TRT for trailer ~ 3:00.

Instructions for this assignment: