Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Slip and Slide

Slipping Clips

Say you have a clip inserted between two other clips in the sequence. But you want to change the In-point without affecting the length of the clip. If you ripple the incoming side of the clip, that would change its overall duration. Therefore, you would also need to ripple the outgoing side of the clip by the same amount to maintain the clip's original length. What a pain! Especially if you had to do it again and again.

But the Slip tool will allow you to perform 2 ripple edits, simultaneously changing both the incoming and outgoing portions of the clip!  That is, when you "slip a clip," the In and Out points change at the same time, thus preserving the timing of the sequence. You are merely changing the content of the clip without changing any of the surrounding clips. 

  • Press S to select the Slip tool

  • Click the clip and drag it left or right to perform the edit, which creates new In and Out points for the clip.

Sliding Clips

In the above example, rather than change the middle clip, you move, or slide it across the sequence, which changes the clips on either side instead. It's similar to what you can do with a roll edit. However, you're rolling both the starting point and ending point of the clip by the same number of frames! 

  • Press SS to select the Slide tool

  • Drag the clip left or right to perform the edit

When using either the Slip or Slide tool, you can first select the clip and then press the bracket buttons to move it frame by frame. But remember that to do this the clip needs to remain selected.

  • Select which tool you want to use, S for Slip or SS for Slide
  • Hold down the Shift key and click the clip – this enables you to select the clip. 
  • Press the bracket keys, [ or ] to move the clip one frame at a time.