Advanced Video Camera and Editing

There are numerous podcasts on the subject of video production and filmmaking. In fact, you're dong an assignment in class that is a form of podcast called a video podcast, or vodcast. The difference between podcasts and radio is that podcasts are downloadable. You can subscribe to any of the offerings and listen to new editions almost weekly depending on how often they're produced.

The list below is only a short sample, but try subscribing to some and listen them as part of your routine, maybe when you do a workout or when walking across campus between classes.

Double Down Film Show
The Double Down Film Show is an hour long experience of "real talk" about what it takes to get your project from script to screen. Pete Chatmon and Anthony Artis deliver all of the production, technology, business, and motivational support that filmmakers need to achieve their filmmaking dreams. Each week our guests include entertainment celebrities, leading industry thinkers, and hustlers on the rise. Place your bets on The Double Down Film Show!

The Art of Visual Storytelling with Norman Hollyn & Larry Jordan. You can see video of their show on YouTube: 

Or... you can visit Larry Jordan's YouTube Channel, Larry Jordon, Edit Smarter.

iTunes Meet the Filmmaker

In iTunes Meet the Filmmaker, iTunes and the Apple Store bring you insights
from the makers of today’s biggest films. Subscribe to the podcast to hear
behind-the-scenes stories from onscreen stars as well as filmmaking wisdom
from a diverse selection of writers, directors, and producers.

Indy Mogul

Indy Mogul is the first network for the YouTube generation! Indy Mogul has DIY
filmmaking tips, step-by-step cheap special effects, previews of upcoming
flicks, and reviews of the hottest pictures at the megaplex.

New Mediacracy

New Mediacracy is an audio podcast about the world of web video and new
media featuring industry producers, directors, writers, and other content

Film Riot

From Triune Films and writer/director Ryan Connolly comes Film Riot, a hybrid
of sketch comedy, tutorial, reality TV, and a whole lot of nonsense, with the
ultimate goal of teaching the art of independent filmmaking. Whether it’s lowbudget
effects or how to create a film from writing all the way to editing, no
corner of filmmaking is left unexplored.

Film Method

Film Method is the podcast that will take you through the nuts and bolts of
independent filmmaking. In a roundtable discussion format we will meet guests
from all walks of filmmaker life who share their golden nuggets of wisdom
about everything from hiring a producer and finding a composer, to seeking
out investors.

American Cinematographer

American Cinematographer magazine interviews cinematographers, directors,
and other key collaborators involved in creative process of bringing film and
television projects to the screen.