Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Objectives and Skills

ACE will help you work on enhancing your photography and editing skills, and thus, enhance your storytelling abilities. You will get to work individually and collaborate in team projects. Your work will be evaluated based on three criteria: Developing, Proficient and Exemplary. See Grading.

The only way to get an A in this course is to do Exemplary work. As this is an advanced course, and because you will be doing a project that will be made public, the expectations for you will be higher. I know each of you have strong potential to work in broadcast and I'm here to help you achieve success!

Upon completion of Advanced Camera and Editing, you should be able to:
  • Understand cinematic language
  • Know short-cuts to using Adobe Premiere
  • Learn the basics of After Effects
  • Develop time-saving workflow skills that are used by professionals
  • Understand how to use lighting and depth of field to enhance interviews
  • Demonstrate storytelling skills and the use of the focus statement
  • Learn to collaborate and effectively communicate 
  • Apply the standards of broadcast excellence to your video, audio and editing
  • Know how to critically evaluate video productions
  • Acquire resume material for your portfolio
  • Publish your work