Advanced Video Camera and Editing

 Normalisation Gain

The audio in your clips contain variable parts that are loud and soft. When you raise the levels, the loudest  parts should achieve maximum volume without distorting. However, it may become difficult to prevent some peaks from briefly over-modulating, creating various pops in the audio. We call this clipping. For this reason, we must try to reduce the overall gain by a few decibels, such as -8 dBFS (decibels full scale). The way to do this is to use the Normalisation Gain.

Park the playhead over the clip

Click once on the clip to select it

Choose Modify > Audio > Apply Normalisation Gain

Check the audio meter. The levels for dialogue don’t have to be louder than -8dB.

Normalising a Group of Clips

  • Press Command-A to select all of the clips
  • Modify > Audio > Apply Normalisation Gain
  • Set the level (-8 dBFS for dialogue)