Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Match Frame

One way to open a recently used clip is to use the Match Frame (or press f) –

  • In the Timeline, position the playhead anywhere over the clip
  • Press F, or you can click on the Match Frame button located in the lower right of the Canvas.  The clip opens in the Viewer on the same frame that is currently under the playhead. 

  The Match Frame button is located in the far lower right of the Canvas.

You can also match frame under the Choose menu:

  • In the Timeline, position the playhead over the clip.
  • Choose View > Match Frame > Master Clip.

Finding the Master Clip in the Browser

What if there’s a clip in your Timeline, but you can’t find it in the Browser? Perhaps you have so many clips in the Browser that finding one specific clip becomes a tedious and time-consuming task. The quick solution is to select the clip in the Timeline and then reveal its Master Clip.

  • In the Timeline, position the playhead over the clip you wish to find.
  • Choose View > Reveal Master Clip (or press Shift-F).
  • If for some reason the clip isn’t in the Browser, but the media file exists in the capture scratch folder, a dialog box appears asking if you would like to add the master clip to the Browser.

Matching to the Source File

Using this function helps you to match the clip in the Timeline directly to the source clip. The clip opens in the Viewer without the In or Out points that were originally selected. But the playhead in the Viewer is parked over the same frame that is under the playhead in the Timeline. 

  • First perform a standard match frame. 
  • Choose View > Match Frame > Master Clip (or Press F). 
  • Press Q to toggle between the Viewer and the Canvas. Select the Viewer.
  • Choose View > Match Frame > Source File (or Press Option-Command-F). 

The Replace Edit

Let’s say you edited a sequence of two shots that show someone slamming a door – one a wide shot and the other a close-up. You want to exchange the wide shot for a different angle. The Replace Edit allows you to easily exchange or replace one shot with another without changing the timing of the sequence.  

  • In the Timeline, park the playhead on the “anchor frame” of the first shot (the anchor frame is the place where the action happens midway through a shot, e.g. the door as it’s in motion). NOTE: There’s no need to mark In or Out points – just leave the playhead parked where you left it.

  • Open the new clip in the Viewer and then park the playhead precisely where the same action happens (this is the anchor for the Viewer)

  • Drag the clip to the Canvas and drop it on Replace in the Edit Overlay.

The shot is replaced without affecting the timing of the sequence. In another situation (see below) you might want to exchange the shot with itself to adjust the timing of the edit.

The current frame in both the Viewer and Canvas defines the Replace Edit. Final Cut Pro finds as many frames in the shot as is necessary before and after the anchor frame to fill the duration of the clip in the sequence.  

Replacing a Portion of a Shot

Let's say that you don't need to replace an entire shot, but only a portion of it. In the example above, For instance, you start with the wide shot of the door as it slams. But at a certain point in the door’s motion, you want to cut to the close-up.

  • Play the sequence and park the playhead on the anchor frame (the place where the action happens midway)

  • Press M to add a marker on that frame (this is optional, but it ensures that you perform the edit on exactly the correct frame)

  • Press I to set an In-Point (the In-Point shows up in the Timeline)
  • Press the Down arrow to move to the next edit point.

  • Press O to set an Out-Point

  • Press Option-M to navigate the playhead to the marker you set

  • Open the new clip in the Viewer, making sure there are no In- and Out-points set. Park the Viewer’s playhead on the anchor frame.

  • Drag the shot to the Replace Edit Overlay in the Canvas – in this case, the replace edit lines up the playheads, but limits the edit to the In and Out points selected in the sequence. 

Replacing a Shot with Itself

You can quickly adjust the timing of a shot by temporarily loading a clip into the Viewer, adjusting the timing, and replacing the shot in the sequence on top of itself.

  • In the sequence, park the playhead on the anchor frame

  • Press F to perform a Match Frame, opening the master clip in the Viewer

  • In the Viewer, move the playhead to the new anchor frame

  • Perform the Replace Edit by dragging the shot to the Canvas Edit Overlay

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