Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Light Kit Policy

Light Kits may be checked out for only 24-hours. NO EXCEPTIONS! With only two kits available, the demand is high. Students who fail to return light kits on time may have their check out privileges curtailed. We need your cooperation and respect for others to help us through this time until new light kits can be acquired.


Handle the lights with care. NEVER TOUCH THE BULBS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. Halogen lighting burns at much higher temperatures, and the envelope of glass is much closer to the tungsten filament, making it more compact, but also extremely hot. Oil from your skin can damage the bulb and could cause it to break when the light is switched on. Only handle bulbs with a paper towel or cloth.


Safety Considerations:

1.    When carrying the light kit bag, set it down on the ground with care.


2.    Make sure that the light stands are set up away from foot traffic.


3.    When plugging in the power cords, connect to the light first before plugging the other end to the electrical outlet. 


4.    Because the of the total amperage these lights consume there is the risk of blowing a fuse if all the lights are plugged into the same circuit such as along the same wall or even the same room. If possible, run extensions into separate rooms, which will give you enough separation to spread out the amperage of your kit. Typically, different offices will be on different circuits so it’s a safe bet that you can plug one of the lights into an adjacent office.


5.    Open barn doors first, and attach diffusion gels before switching on the lights. Make sure that the lights are not pointed at anyone before you switch them on.


6.    Use only wooden clothes pins to attach diffusion gels. Metal clips will conduct heat.


7.    Use only photographic gels and diffusion material for the lights. Anything else will melt!


8.    Lights get VERY HOT! Do not grab hold of lights that have been switched on for even a few seconds.


9.    DO NOT return hot lights back to their storage bags until they have cooled off considerably. When finishing up a shoot, first power down the lights to let them start cooling while you’re putting away other equipment. Allow time to do this.