Advanced Video Editing

JVC GY-HM600/620 Camera

White Balancing

Simply put, the White Balance function tells the camera what is white under different colour

temperatures. The light colour itself is measure in Kelvin degrees, which corresponds to what colour a

chunk of iron glows when it’s heated at certain temperatures: about 3200 Kelvin the iron glows

orange-red, but at 5600 Kelvin the iron will glow a blue-white. The camera sees light for what it is –

areas lit by sunshine, about 5600 Kelvin, will look blue-ish; indoor lighting is about 3200 Kelvin and will

look to the camera as reddish. Therefore, it’s crucial to get proper white balance to the picture to get

the most accurate colour rendition. 

The JVC GY-HM600/620 allows you to set the White Balance manually or automatically. Under the WHT BAL settings, you can toggle between A channel, B channel and the PRST (Preset). 

The PRST mode lets you switch between different colour temperature settings by pressing the white balance button, whose icon looks like this. 

The colour temperature settings can be changed in the menu.

Press the WHT BAL button to toggle between manual and automatic mode. In automatic mode, FAW appears on the screen, which stands for Fulltime Auto White balance. FAW is a form of automatic white balance, which automatically adjusts the white balance according to changes in colour temperature.  But FAW is inferior to that of Automatic White Balance (see below) because it cannot set the white balance outside its adjustment range. That is, when there isn't enough white appearing within the subject, or it's just a single colour. It also takes about 10 seconds after the camera is turned on for the FAW to make an adjustment.  

Setting the White Balance Manually

To set the white balance manually, first switch to either the A or B channel, then place a white card under the same lighting as your subject, zoom in on the card to fill the frame with white, then press the white balance button until the colour is corrected. After a correct white balance is obtained, the current colour temperature is displayed. 

Automatic White Balance

The best way to check white balance automatically is to place the camera itself into automatic mode. Use the FULL/AUTO button, and switch it to ON.