Advanced Video Editing

JVC GY-HM600/620 Camera

Battery, AC Power Adapter and Charging the Battery

Inserting and Removing the Battery

The battery compartment is located at the rear of the camera. Take care not to drop the battery as such impacts could reduce its ability to hold a charge. 

Inserting the battery

Make sure the power switch is set to OFF. Align the battery with the leads, insert into the compartment and slide down. The battery should click in place.

Removing the battery

Make sure the power switch is set to OFF. Above the battery compartment, press and hold the BATT. RELEASE button. Make sure you have a grip on the battery, slide it up and pull out. 

Connecting to an AC Outlet

The AC Power Adapter allows you to plug the camera into a wall outlet. Do not use any other AC adaptors except the one supplied in this kit. The AC Power Adapter is plugged into the camera’s DC input terminal (DC) located at the rear of the camera on the bottom right. You will also find in this location the terminals for AV, HDMI and REMOTE.

Disconnecting the AC from the camera

Make sure the camera is switched OFF. Unplug the AC cable from the wall outlet. Put it back in the camera bag nice and neat. 

Charging the Battery

Make sure the camera is OFF, insert the battery and plug in the AC Adapter to the DC input terminal.  Once the AC cable is plugged into a wall outlet, the POWER/CHG light will blink during charging and go out after charging is complete. Remove the AC Adapter after charging is complete.