Advanced Video Editing

ikan Light Kit 

These lightweight LED (light emitting diodes) light panels include a touch display, colour temperature controls and dimmer. They're also battery-operated so you can move them freely around the room without worry about being attached by cable to the wall socket. 

Specifications for each light (there are 3 in the kit):

  • Brightness5600 lux
  • Colour Temperature 3200K - 5600K
  • Power Output - 35W

LED Panel

576 daylight-balanced LED's with a 30 degree angle of spread provides a wide beam. Built-in barn doors with gel clips and removable light intensifiers, gold on one side, silver on the other. The light draws a maximum of 42 watts and can be powered using a 4-pin XLR cord or with batteries that attach to the Gold Mount battery plate. 

 LCD Touch Panel

The display provides battery information, colour temperature and brightness indicator. Use the arrows on the touch screen to change the values. Or adjust using the knobs below. 

Light Kit Bag

The 3 lights come in a sturdy bag with a luggage rack for easy transport. At the end of the shoot, the light kit should be repacked looking nice and tidy. In other words, like the picture seen here.