Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Editing on the Fly -
Trimming from the Keyboard

Here is a method that will accelerate your workflow dramatically. The less often you have to stop the playback to see the edit, the more time you'll save, especially when you're up against the clock. Using this method involves trimming from the keyboard, or editing on the fly. 

You need only four keys:

  • V – select edit

  • U – toggle edit type (ripple/roll)

  • [ (left bracket) – Trim one frame left

  • ] (right bracket) – Trim one frame right

Note: Pressing Shift - ] or Shift – [ will move the playhead five frames instead

of one.

Editing on the Fly 

Navigate the playhead along the edit points in the sequence by pressing the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard. 

  • Up Arrow takes you to the previous edit point; 
  • Down Arrow takes you to the next edit point.
Once you've moved the playhead to the edit point you can then begin modifying the edit -

  • Press V to select the edit, which defaults to a Roll – a roll is generally less destructive than a ripple because it doesn't affect the overall timing of the sequence.

  • Press U to toggle the edit to a ripple outgoing or ripple incoming. Remember, ripple edits change the timing of the sequence by adding or subtracting frames to the selected clip.
  • Press a bracket key to add or subtract frames to the clip. Pressing this key simply adds one frame at a time. But if you want to add more, then press Shift and the bracket, which will allow you to add or subtract 5 frames at a time. You can also go to User Preferences and change the Multi-Frame Trim Size up to 99 frames. Lastly, you can simply hold down the bracket key and the edit will move along in real time.

  • Press U to select Roll. Using the bracket keys you can then Roll to just about any position without affecting the timing.

Extending Edits (shortcut key - E)

Instead of using ripple to get the timing right and then rolling the edit, another option would be to roll the edit point while playing the sequence. The Extend Edit enables you to do this so that you can make your edit decision while playing the sequence. However, using this method with short clips might cause you to roll one edit over another. Therefore, use Extend Edit with longer clips.

  • Navigate the playhead to the edit point using the Up and Down arrows.
  • Press V to select the edit point, which defaults to a Roll
  • Press L to play the sequence forward or Press J to play it backward

  • Press K to stop playback at the point where you want to edit

  • Press E to roll (or extend) the edit to its current playhead position

  • Play around the new edit by pressing \ (backslash)

Editing a J-Cut on the Fly

Start by selecting the Roll type - (shortcut key - R)

  • Option-click to override linked selection and select only the video edit

  • Play the sequence and just after you hear the beginning of the audio, press E. The edit is rolled to the playhead position

  • Play around the edit (press backslash - \)

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