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Class Expectations

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You will be evaluated based on your level of participation in class, your professionalism, the content, execution and creativity of your work, quizzes, pop quizzes and exams. However, simply fulfilling these requirements will not earn you an A. To get an A you need to do Exemplary work, not just in your efforts, but also in your accomplishments. But you also need to adhere to the following professional expectations as well:

  • Showing up for class regularly and participating in its activities is important to make the course work meaningful. Attendance and course performance are highly correlated. Your presence in class gives me the chance to interact with you directly. I also write better job recommendations for students who show good attendance. Coming to class late is considered a disruption to me and other students. If you know that you can't make it to class on time, due to scheduling issues with other classes, then talk to me and we'll work something out.
  • Be respectful of others. The students who are your peers today will be your work colleagues tomorrow. Don't burn your bridges before you even get started. If you are rude, belligerent, you intentionally challenge the course policies and requirements in front of class, if you outright bully, harass, or you're being downright being aggressive, then this kind of behaviour will be responded to immediately. Disrupting students who take their education seriously will not be tolerated. When you work in group projects, respond to e-mails and phone calls promptly.
  • Using laptops and mobile devices during lectures and video screenings to browse Facebook, YouTube, shop for new boots, or view anything not having to do with the class is strictly prohibited. Don't bring this kind of activity into class.


Extensions are granted only if there is a compelling reason. However, one of your learning objectives is that you develop efficient time management skills. The quality of your work depends on whether you give yourself enough time to do it. Your effort is considered in the grade, but the end product shows whether you fully understand the material. I welcome your questions and will gladly offer help if you ask for it. But for the most part, late work will not be accepted.