Advanced Video Editing

Canon XF300

Video Scopes


Television engineers, professional photographers and editors use video scopes to analyse the luma and chroma in their images. Waveform monitors are used to measure the brightness of the image (the luminance, or luma). Vectorscopes are used to measure chrominance, which conveys colour information about a picture. 

The Canon XF300 can display simplified versions of the waveform monitor (WFM) and vectorscope, which appear only in the LCD panel, not in the viewfinder. 

Displaying a Video Scope

The WFM will appear in the lower right portion of the viewfinder display or LCD panel. The button is located on the side of the camera just above the PUSH IRIS button. 

  • Press the WFM button. The waveform display appears in the viewfinder. 
  • Press the WFM button repeatedly to cycle through the options.
When you repeatedly press the WFM button the options cycle as follows:

Waveform monitor > Vectorscope > Edge Monitor > Off

Waveform Monitor - shows only the luminance highlights. From bottom to top, shadows to highlights, from 0 at the bottom to 100 at the top. This scope is useful to gauge brightness and can be used as a guide to set your exposure.

Vectorscope - shows the chrominance, or colour values that include hue and saturation. 

Edge Monitor - use this to get sharp focus. At the bottom edge of the LCD Panel, you'll see red and green areas that correspond to the left-right portions of the image. As the focus becomes sharper the red and green areas will rise. 

The waveform monitor is displayed in the lower right 

The edge monitor is seen in the lower portion of the frame.

Check out the video below from Stray Angel Films that explains how to read a waveform monitor