Advanced Video Editing

Canon XF300

Using the Menu

 The menu options are different depending on whether you're using the CAMERA mode or the MEDIA mode. Using the menu gives you access to the camera's functions. Many of those functions will be pre-set, so you will rarely need to access the menu. But for times when you need it, first select the operating mode you're using, CAMERA or MEDIA.

The MENU button is located on the lower right side of the camera body beneath the audio level thumb wheels. Press this button to open the menu and press again to close it. The menu appears in either the viewfinder or the LCD Panel.

In addition to the MENU button, there is also the SELECT dial, which allows you to scroll through the menu selections up or down. 

When you want to select an option from the menu, press the SET button. If you want to deselect an option, press the CANCEL button.


Another option to select menu options is to use the joystick, which is located on top of the camera next to the playback controls. Push the joystick up or down to change selections and then press the joystick to SET. There's also a CANCEL button next to the joystick if you want to deselect an item.