Advanced Video Editing

Canon XF300

Recording Video

Before you record the "real thing" do a test recording and play it back to make sure everything is in working order. Do the test record well before you arrive on location, so if you have a problem you will have time to troubleshoot. 

  • Power up the camera, making sure it's in CAMERA mode
  • Check the access indicator for the CF slots. The light is Red when the card is being accessed, Green when the card slot is selected. The card is ready to go!
  • Press the START/STOP button to begin recording. The button is located on the back end of the side grip.
  • There is a second START/STOP button on the top of the camera. This one has a lock handle to prevent accidental operation. You can use this button if you happen to be holding the camera handle. 
  • A third START/STOP button is located beneath the lens' iris ring. 
  • The front and rear tally lights should begin to flash and the timecode readout in the viewfinder will count up. 
  • The card slot access light will be Red.
  • To pause or stop the recording, press the START/STOP button again. 
While recording, it's important that you don't open the CF card slots or disconnect the camera from the power source. 


Using Full Auto Mode

When the FULL AUTO switch is set to ON, the camera will automatically set the iris, shutter speed, gain and white balance, however, the focus can still be adjusted manually while the camera is set to MF (manual focus)

Reviewing the Clips

It's a good idea to review some clips while you're still on location. Make sure the video looks good and the audio is clean and sharp, especially before you release your interview guests! 

The camera assigns a 6-character clip name that consists of a 2-letter prefix followed by four numbers. The numerals increase every time a clip is recorded. You can set the prefix in advance by going into the menu under Clips and then Title Prefix.

To review the clips do the following:

  • Set the camera to MEDIA mode
  • The clips appear through an index screen
  • Use the joystick or the SELECT wheel to move through individual clips
  • Use the playback control buttons on the handle to start playback 


Monitoring the Audio

You can connect headphones to the camera in the headphones terminal located at the back of the camera. To change the volume use the HEADPHONE + and - buttons located underneath the camera handle. 

It's always important to monitor the audio during recording to note any distortions that may occur, which could ruin a recording or take. Get the quality you want by listening to the audio carefully.