Advanced Video Editing

Canon XF300



It's considered best practice for professional photographers to make sure their equipment is functioning properly before they go on a shoot. Once you check out the equipment, it then becomes your responsibility to test it before leaving the building. Do a test recording as well, making sure that there isn't a problem with the CF card and the microphones. You then need to play back the recording to check both the video and audio quality. Again, do this before you leave for the shoot so you're not finding out on location that something is wrong. 

Professional photographers check the status of their gear before they leave on a shoot.

Also, it's good practice after the shoot, such as when you do an interview, to review the video and audio quality of the clips before the guest is released and the gear is packed up. You don't want to find out after returning the equipment that something went wrong, especially if it's a one-time interview. 

Review the video and audio quality of your clips before you leave the shoot.

The playback functions are accessed when the camera mode is set to MEDIA. The clip index screen appears in the viewfinder or LCD panel. 

If both CF cards contain media, then use the SLOT SELECT button to switch between them.

From the clip index screen you can now access all of the clips on the card. 

To play back the clips from the index screen, use the playback controls located on the top portion of the camera handle. 

Copying Clips 

You can copy clips from one CF card to the other using the clip menu. To copy a single clip do the following:

  • Select the desired clip and then press SET. This will open the clip menu
  • The clip information appears and you're asked to confirm the operation. Select OK and then press SET.
  • When the confirmation message appears, press SET again.
The selected clip is then copied to the other CF card and the screen changes back to the clip index screen.

You can also copy all the clips at once under the Copy All Clips submenu.

Deleting Clips

To delete a single clip:
  • Select the desired clip and press SET
  • Select Delete Clip and press SET
  • Select OK and press SET
Once the delete operation starts it cannot be canceled. When the confirmation message appears, then press SET again. 

Playback index seen in the LCD panel.