Advanced Video Editing

Canon EOS C100

White Balance


White Balance is simply a process of calibrating the colour of the picture under different colour temperatures - it tells the camera what is white under different colour temperatures. For example, the colour temperature outdoors is typically 5600 Kelvin, which appears to the camera as blue; the colour temperature indoors is about 3200 K and images to the camera appear reddish.

Before you white balance, make sure you have enough lighting and that you adjusted the exposure. You will also need a white card or make sure that there is something white in the shot from which you can calibrate the camera's white balance. 

Custom White Balance

You can custom set the white balance using the A or B mode icons. This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to white balance and get accurate colour reproductions.

Always set the White Balance in the same lighting conditions where you will be doing the shoot. 

Press the WB button as shown, which will highlight the white balance mode icon in the viewfinder.

Use the joystick to select the custom mode, A or B icon.

Point the camera at a white card (set the card where the subject is, don’t just hold it in front of the lens), and zoom in so that the white fills the viewfinder.

Press the White Balance wedge icon (just above the WB button on the camera). The mode in the viewfinder will flash a few times before it settles - the white balance is set. You will also see a new value for the colour temperature next to the mode. 

Basically, you're storing a white balance value in the A and B mode, which is helpful when you're on a shoot that has two locations where the lighting conditions are different. You could set the white balance in A for an outdoor location and B for an indoor location. As long as you set the white balance previously, then use the joystick to select the custom white balance for that location. You don't need to re-do the white balance procedure. 

Preset White Balance

Press the WB button to highlight the white balance mode and use the joystick to select either the incandescent lamp or the daylight settings. 

Push the joystick to the right to select the adjustment value. Then push the joystick up or down to change the value. The adjustment value helps you to fine tune the colour temperature.

Colour Temperature Setting

Use this function when you know the desired colour temperature. You can make the image warmer by selecting a higher colour temperature, or cooler when using a lower one. 

Press the WB button and use the joystick to change the mode to K.

The push the joystick to the right to highlight the colour temperature value. Push the joystick up or down to change the value. 

Auto White Balance (AWB)

To make the camcorder adjust the white balance automatically might be useful if the lighting in the environment keep changing. 

Press the WB button and use the joystick to change the mode to AWB