Advanced Video Editing

Canon EOS C100

SD Card Formatting

  • Make sure the C-100 is turned OFF

  • Open the SD card compartment cover, located at the camera’s rear

  • With the label facing up, insert the SD card into either the A or B slot, making sure that it goes in straight all the way until it clicks.

  • Close the SD compartment cover

  • Power up the camera

SD Card Status

The status indicator is located next to the SD card slot. Refer to the following to know if the SD card is being accessed by the camera:

  • RED – the camera is accessing the card – do not remove the card

  • GREEN – the card is ready for recording/playback

  • Indicator Off – An SD card is not inserted or is not currently selected

To avoid damaging the card or its contents, observe the following precautions:

  • Never disconnect the power source or turn off the camera when the card is being accessed (indicator is RED)

  • Never open the SD compartment cover and remove a card when the camera is turned on. Power off the camera before you remove a card.

To remove a card

Press gently on the card once until it springs out, and then remove it all the way. 


To format (initialise) the SD card

  • In MENU, scroll to OTHER FUNCTIONS > Initialize Media.

  • Use the joystick to select slot A or B and then press the joystick

  • Select Complete or Quick and then press the joystick

Note: Initialising an SD card will erase permanently all the data on the card. Before you initialise the card, make sure you saved the media in advance.