Advanced Video Editing

Canon EOS C100

Attaching the Lens

  • Make sure the camera is OFF

  • Remove the camera body cap and put it in the case (do not set it on the ground, on a table or put it in your pocket). Put the body cap in the case so you can find it easily again. Do not lose any caps from this kit. 

  • Take out a lens and remove the back cap – put it in the case

  • Align the lens using the white dots - one on the lens and the other on the camera body's lens attachment ring. Insert the lens and turn gently clockwise until it clicks. 


NOTE: One of the lenses is aligned using red dots. 

Removing the Lens

  • Set the camera to OFF

  • With a gentle grip on the lens, hold down the release button as shown and turn the lens counter-clockwise until it stops.
  • Remove the lens and replace the body cap on the camera body. 

Attaching and Removing the XLR Handle Unit


  • Make sure the camera is OFF

  • Insert the attachment base as shown by sliding it into the camera’s accessory shoe track

  • While gently pressing down, tighten the wheel lock until the handle unit is secure

  • Connect the handle unit’s cable to the EXT terminal as shown – align the arrows to connect

Removing the XLR Handle Unit

  • Set the camera to OFF

  • Unplug the handle unit cable from the camera by pulling back the metallic tip of the cable

  • Loosen the handle wheel lock until it comes loose and you can remove the unit from the camera’s accessory shoe.