Advanced Video Editing

Canon EOS C100

Getting the Focus Right

Manual Focus

Make sure the lens mode is switched to MF - you'll see this switch on the lens itself. 


Simply turn the focus ring on the attached lens until the image looks sharp. 

When using a telephoto lens, always zoom in on the subject first and then focus. Zoom out and compose the shot.

The Canon C-100 also offers focus assist features.


One-Shot AF (Automatic Focus) - using this function will let the camera focus automatically on the subject at the centre of the screen

To operate One-Shot AF, you need to first switch the lens mode to AF. The switch is on the lens itself. 


Then use the One-Shot AF button, located at the front of the camera just beneath the lens. The camera will focus automatically on the subject at the centre of the screen. 


This focus assist function will detect straight lines in the image and highlight them in a bright colour (red or blue) when they are in focus. 

Press the peaking button as shown. Then focus the lens until the lines are highlighted sharply. 

Peaking lines will not show up in the actual recording.


When you press the MAGN. button, the centre of the viewfinder is magnified approximately 2 times. 

Use the joystick to move the magnified frame to other parts of the image. 

The camera will not record the magnified image. Press MAGN. again to cancel magnification.