Advanced Video Editing

Canon EOS C100

Battery and AC Power

The C-100 can be powered using a battery pack or directly using the power adapter. If you connect the power adapter whist the battery is attached, the camera will still draw power from the power outlet.

Before you leave for a shoot, make sure the batteries are fully charged. At checkout you will be given two batteries.

Attaching the Battery

  • Make sure the camera is OFF

  • Insert the battery into the compartment and slide toward the left until the battery gently clicks.

Removing the Battery

  • Make sure the camera is OFF

  • Press the Battery Release button as shown and gently slide the battery to the right and pull out. 

Charging the Battery

  • Connect the power cord to the charger

  • Insert the battery – press lightly and slide in the direction of the arrow until it clicks

  • Plug in the power cord – the charge indicator starts flashing. The battery is charged when the indicator light stays on.

  • Remove the battery

  • Unplug the power cord

Connecting the Camera to AC Power

  • Make sure the camera is OFF

  • Connect the DC cable (attached to the charger unit) to the DC IN terminal on the camera

  • Connect the power cord to the charger unit and plug it into an outlet

Powering Up the Camera


The C-100 has two operating modes – CAMERA and MEDIA. Select the operating mode using the Q switch as shown. 

  • Switch to CAMERA to record video

  • Switch to MEDIA to review (playback) the video

  • Set the Q switch to OFF when the camera is not in use and to save on the battery power