Advanced Video Editing

Canon XF300

Adjusting the Gain 

Gain is used to strengthen the video signal under low-light conditions, which allows you to see more detail in the picture. Never use the gain under bright conditions (such as outdoors under sunny skies). You can select automatic gain control (AGC) or use the manual gain control switches. 

NOTE: Too much gain adds noise to the image, which results in a lousy shot. If you're forced to turn up the gain that much just to see detail in the image, then you really need to add more light to the scene. Frankly, don't use gain unless you absolutely have to. But for interviews, you should always add more light. 

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) 

This switch is located below the side panel. The gain limit is preset in the menu between 3 dB and 18 dB. The AGC Limit is set under the Camera Setup submenu. 

  • Switch AGC to ON. The A icon appears next to the gain value in the viewfinder screen. 
When the camera is set to full auto mode, the automatic gain control will be engaged. 

Manual Gain Control 

Make sure the AGC switch is set to OFF. There are 3 preset levels, L, M and H. Each can be set independently to a different gain value. However, the L should always be set to 0 dB, or no gain. The gain can be set under the Camera Setup menu and then select Gain.

The more gain you use, the more noise will be recorded into the image.  The bottom line is that if you have to turn up the gain so high that it adds an exorbitant amount of noise to the image, then add more light to the scene. Don't use gain as an excuse not to add extra lights. 

  • -6 dB to -3 dB will achieve the lowest levels of noise when recording under low-light.
  • 0 dB achieves more realistic night scenes or scenes using artificial light
  • 3 dB to 33 dB increases the image brightness in low-light or indoor scenes that appear especially dark.