Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Autumn 2014 Timetable

(subject to revision)


29 August

Introduction – go over syllabus and class website materials

  • E-Portfolio and Video Share Sites

Camera Work - hands on!

  • Focusing
  • Aperture, Exposure, and Depth of Field (bokeh and contre jour)
  • Steadying the Camera
  • Importance of the Close-Up
  • Composition - Rule of Thirds
  • Finding Depth - Use of Foreground Elements and Diagonals
  • Scene Construction – Sequences/Matching Action
  • Audio using hand-held and wireless microphones

Editing terms

Start thinking about CU Science Update groups and have groups decided by next class.

READING ASSIGNMENT: From the class website, read Shooting Tips

READING ASSIGNMENT: From the class website, read Editing Aesthetics

5 September

Have CU Science Update groups decided. Pick hosts

1st hour: Edit Lab: Adobe Premiere Pro – saving and editing workflow

  • Rhythm & Pacing
  • Trimming
  • Fast Package Editing

2nd hour: Camera Exercise - hands on! Standards of Broadcast Excellence!
Shooting Interviews and Stand-ups, Buildings and Detail (WSTTT)


ASSIGNMENT – Groups come up with final CU Science Update story ideas – have ready for class on 20 September


12 September

QUIZ 1 – first 15 minutes of class (covers editing terms and camera material)

1st hour: Groups should have story ideas for CU Science Update - group discussion - share with class

2nd hour: Lighting - hands on!

CU Science Update groups: begin research and preliminary writing, find expert sources, set up interviews; acquire additional images.


19 September

DUE: Camera Exercise

1st hour: Screen assignments in groups and evaluate- go over CU Science Update topics

2nd hour: Edit Lab: Keyframing and Making Graphics

ASSIGNMENT: Keyframing Exercise – DUE 3 OCTOBER

26 September

QUIZ 2 – covers Adobe Premiere lessons covered in class prior to this date

1st hour: Visualising the Story

  • Tone and Colour
  • Symbolism
  • Story Development

2nd hour: Group Activity: Shooting Interviews and Stand-ups

ASSIGNMENT: CU Science Update groups should start shooting b-roll and  interviews


3 October

DUE: Keyframe Exercise

1st hour: class screenings and discussion

2nd hour: Trailers

Instructions for next assignment

ASSIGNMENT: Space 1999 title and trailer – DUE: 24 OCTOBER


10 October

1st hour: Edit Lab: Continue work on Space 1999 Assignment

2nd hour: Edit Lab: Adobe Premiere Colour Correcting and Chroma Keying

 17 October

Edit Lab: Intro to After Effects

Continue working on Space 1999 title and trailer

24 October

DUE: Space 1999 titles and trailers

Screening and class discussions

Additional screenings of professional work

31 October

CU Science Update Work Day


7 November

Wild Card Day

14 November

DUE: CU Science Update Rough Cuts – meetings with individual groups

22 November

Finesse CU Science Update Rough Cuts into Final Cuts (due 5 December)

28 November - FALL BREAK!!

5 December

Due: CU Science Update Final Cuts

Ready to combine cuts into final show.


12 December

DUE: CU Science Update show - screen project

DUE: Grad Student PSA’s